S10 soldering and desoldering machine



- Dimensions

810 x 770 x 700 mm

- Weight

approx. 55 kg

- Tigel volume

approx. 23 kg

- Max. Soldering temperature

350 C°

- Heating time

30-45 Minutes

- Power

230V 50 Hz ca. 1500 Watt



 - Nitrogen connection

The soldering and desoldering machine was specially developed for soldering and desoldering connectors, connector strips and other wired components on printed circuit boards. The control system regulates the

- solder bath temperature

- soldering time

- wave height

- solder flow rate

10 soldering profiles can be stored.

The machine has a one-hand height adjustment of the component support.

The component can be centered via the laser pointer. The working process is triggered by a foot switch.

Easy change of solder nozzles by bayonet lock.